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Age: 8-12

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Age: 9-13

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Age: 10-12

We all know that Fuzzy loves Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat, and that didn’t change with The Spacedog Cometh. If anything, this was the funniest Klawde book yet.

In the third installment of this series, we return to Raj and Klawde, but this time, Klawde has a visitor: Barx, an agent of  Pack of United Planets Peacekeeping Service (PUPPS), who has been sent to bring Klawde to justice. Now we have a talking cat, a talking dog, and one boy who is dealing with chaos on all fronts.

Raj’s ajii (grandmother) is in town, making extravagent Indian dishes and planning unwanted birthday parties. His nemesis has moved to town, his cat is an alien, and all Raj wants to do is maintain some popularity. With all of these different factors, hijinks, of course, ensue.

If you are seeking hilarity, along with science fiction, Klawde is your series. If you are seeking normalization of minority ethnic kids in your child’s reading, Klawde still has it. If you are seeking to show your child that culture and being different is to be celebrated, Klawde is still your book!

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Age: 9-12

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Age: 8-12

We really wanted to like The Dragon Thief as much as we liked Dragons in a Bag. We did, but Jaxon had to split the book with Kavita, and as avid, eager fans of Jaxon and Ma, we had to work hard, AT FIRST, to not be disappointed.

If you remember from Dragons in a Bag (If you don’t, we reviewed it on Tween Reviews, Page 1)  no one likes Kavita, and, in our biased eyes, she doesn’t redeem herself in this book. Kavita spends most of The Dragon Thief trying to find a way to hide her stolen dragon while also running the city with her elderly grandmother, who is irresponsible enough to not tell Kavita’s parents where she has taken her. 

Thankfully, Jaxon is definitely coming to the rescue, and while he may be upset with Kavita, he is still willing to help. Returning to the world of dragons, magic in the city, and an amazing cast, The Dragon Thief brings that Zetta Elliot fantasy magic that we were hoping for and takes us on an amazing adventure. Pick up a copy by selecting the main image. You won’t be disappointed…with Jaxon’s parts (a coerced addendum by fans of Jaxon and Ma).

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