The world is fuzzy...

So we aim for clarity

It's hard out here for a parent.

That's why we're here for you.

A little boy with a huge afro is looking down at a book. The words fuzzy afro logic are in yellow behind him.

Why We Are Fuzzy

The concept of being fuzzy applies to having a frizzy, fluffy, or frayed texture or appearance, which could definitely be the afro part of Fuzzy Afro. However, to be fuzzy also means difficult to perceive clearly or understand and explain precisely, which applies to how children perceive the world. It is hard to be a parent, no matter your race or skin color, but to be a minority ethnic parent means to navigate society through a lens that is constantly telling them that they look different.

It is so important to see yourself, find yourself in all of your spaces, particularly the arena of books. It is Fuzzy Afro’s mission to normalize minority ethnic representation in the books all children read. One of the things we often hear from parents is that those books just don’t exist, but they do. So, be it Never Ask Your Dinosaur to Dinner or The Salt in His Shoes, we are here to introduce you to the world of minority ethnic representation in literature, for all ages, but especially for the K-12 crowd.

Let’s see our books clearer because reading should never be fuzzy.

Normalize Minority Ethnic Representation

Not just in history books, but everyday literature.

A little boy with a huge afro is looking down at a book. The words fuzzy afro logic are in yellow behind him.

Book Recs

We don't read everything. How could we? But, one thing we do is recommend what we read! Fuzzy has an active, ever changing list for five age groups.

Book Reviews

Sometimes, books need an extra umph, or they were just incredible, and occasionally, they were just that bad. Honest reviews coming your way.

Fuzzy Blog

Mom, professor, and entrepreneur, our Fuzzy Mom tells it like it is. While we encourage her to write about books and literacy, she has the freedom to express herself with no limitations, so be warned, or be excited, or just read.

How to be Fuzzy

Reading Unlimited

Many of us grew up being placed in boxes that did not define who we were, but we tried to fit in them just the same. This happens with literature. We tell ourselves and our children that we are limited in our reading based on our expertise, on our comprehension, on our ethnic background. Release and escape through reading is imperative for adults, and even more so for children. Some of our greatest out of the box thinkers come from readers. Fuzzy people understand that clarity comes with practice. So, read until you think you understand, then read some more.

Why We Read

Did you know that your child can hear your voice before they’re born? Setting a routine and reading to your baby from the very beginning prepares them cognitively language recognition and understanding of letters and words. You can find preschool books by selecting here.

Most elementary age students are learning to read or reading, but many of them are not reading well. Reading at this age increases language comprehension, vocabulary and lays the foundation for critical thinking skills that are imperative for a variety of life skills. You can find elementary books by selecting here.

Tweens are a rough age group, both for the parent and for the child. That transitional period between adolescence and teen years are full of confusion. The beautiful part is that many authors have covered this experience in their stories, both fictional and non-fictional. These coming-of-age stories allow shared identity in a way that your personal stories cannot.  Reading at this age increases awareness , cements critical thinking skills, and contributes to language comprehension. You can find Tween books by selecting here.

High school age students suffer from identity crises at an alarming rate. Part of this is due to becoming a young adult, part is due to peer pressure and identity, and finally, part of it is due to society and social awareness. This is just as much of a difficult time as tween years, and as such, should be handled with care. Allowing or encouraging reading gives young adults an escape from daily pressures, and provides more experience with critical thinking and reading comprehension. You can find young adult books by selecting here.

We tend to think of adult books as something intimate or erotic, but in truth, anything above the YA field is “adult.” This should include fiction, non-fiction and other genres, but we have turned the label “adult” into something negative. Reading is important at all levels, not just in childhood but throughout adulthood. Educating yourself, finding an escape through literature, broadening your mind and more comes from being able to and continuing to read. You can find adult books by selecting here.

Reading With Your Child: Sometimes It's Painful

Future blog post coming!

Why Representation Matters

Future blog post coming!

“A book is like a garden, carried in the pocket.” — Chinese Proverb

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